Protective Signaling JATC

Ready for Employment List

This is the list from which apprentices are hired by training agents.

The Ready for Employment List can contain up to 5 top scoring applicants.

Applicants on this list are NOT re-sorted , but progress up the list as individuals are hired by training agents.

Applicants on this list are allowed "three strikes" before being removed for consideration in the program.

A "strike" can be considered as any of the following:
     -  refusal of an employment offer
     - an unsuccessful interview with a training agent
     - failure to attend a scheduled interview
     - failure to return messages from training agents

Individuals can also be removed from the list:
     - by request
     - by failing to keep contact information updated with the program coordinator

Upon being hired by a training agent, applicants are "indentured" by the Protective Signaling JATC and considered to be active apprentices.